Top 10 JavaScript Function Every Developer Should Know in 2021 |

JavaScript, a high-level language known as interpreted, prototype-based & dynamic scripting language. Today I would like to share 10 basic concepts of JavaScript with you!

1) Math.abs( ): This Math. abs( ) function returns the absolute value of a number. The method returns a positive result to any negative or positive number.

2) Math.max( ): Math max( ) function is used to get the max number from a few numbers.

3) Math.min( ) : The Math min( ) function is used to get the min number from a few numbers.

Now, let me introduce the Array methods of JavaScript. Array refers to a single variable that can contain different elements. It can contain different types of values.

4)Array.length: Array.length is used to find out the length of an array.

5) Array Destructuring: It is the most effective method for larger code. It will keep you code clean & non-repetative. You might know many wats to add item in an array. But to work with back , array destructuring might be more helpful for you.

6) Array. find: The Array.find() method gives the first value that matches the condition.

7) ): method loops through out all element of the array and returns with a new array. This method can be used to manage data from database or some data stored in Backend api.

8) Array.filter(): If you are working with data, many times you will need to filter it. Array.filter method do the task for you.

9) Array.shift( ) : This method removes an element from the first index of the array.

10) Array.unshift: This method inserts an element in the first index of the array.

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